Beautiful Functional Narrow Kitchen Design Ideas


Kitchen is very important part of a house. A functional kitchen will make your cooking activity easier. While stylish kitchen will make your cooking enjoyable, and the styles can be adapted from the shape and size. Then, how do you designing a very small and narrow kitchen? If you need some ideas to transform your narrow space into a stylish and functional kitchen, let’s take a look some ideas below.

Narrow Kitchen Tips and Ideas

When thinking about narrow kitchen you may wondering how to designing a functional narrow kitchen. So, before planning to renovate, it's important to remember that kitchen design should be as wonderful as it is functional. Here are some tips while you browsing ideas of narrow kitchen design.

Minimalist narrow kitchen design ideas

You have to maximize the function of each part of a narrow space. A wall storage will save lots of space to store your cooking utensils. Pick light colors to make the kitchen looks bigger.

Narrow traditional kitchen ideas with six panel glass door cabinets

Also an important thing to consider is a great lighting. If it possible you better have a window to enable the natural light to the space. Large glass window also good to give more extra natural light. You can also put a mirror on the wall to give a wider impression and reflect the light. It also good idea to give mirrored glass cabinet to enlarge the narrow kitchen space.

Modern black and white narrow kitchen design idea for apartment

Narrow Kitchen Tips

For more tips, we found useful tips for narrow kitchen design. And here are the tips from dwellideas to help you planning a functional narrow kitchen:
  1. First make sure you draw the kitchen plan on the paper provided earlier. Pick location and mark the door and window position. Because each space probably have different shape and size, you may need to move the position of both to get a better layout. But it will be more efficient and easy if doing according to existing circumstances.

    Exquisite narrow kitchen design ideas with marble countertops
  2. It's important to make a list of furniture in the kitchen, sort by your level of importance. Then write down the size and specifications you like and your preference, such as a refrigerator in pairs under drawers (under-unit) or a refrigerator. Here you can decide what is necessary and what is not also to fit with your style.

    Teal kitchen cabinets for narrow kitchen ideas
  3. Plan your arrangement with drawing each piece of furniture you have decided on, use a scale that is adapted to the above plan. Cut each element and paste it on the floor plan.

    Black narrow kitchen design ideas with minimalist design
  4. Begin by calculating how large the space is used for cabinets. Because cabinets are the most easily adjustable objects in the floor plan. Narrow shelves is useful and can be used in positions that can not load wall cabinets. If there is a hanging rail, it will require fewer drawers.
To give you more inspiration, take a look at the rest of narrow kitchen gallery with great design that you may interested. So here are some ideas that you can copy for your own kitchen upgrade. Just keep scroll down and get inspired.

Nifty narrow kitchen design idea with white furniture and indoor plants decoration

White narrow kitchen ideas with modern design features black countertops and indoor plants decoration

Modern apartment narrow kitchen ideas with contemporary design features white cabinets with black top

Beautiful narrow kitchen ideas with wooden countertops and teal cabinets

Houseplants decoration for narrow kitchen ideas with contemporary design features open shelves storage and white countertop

Narrow kitchen ideas with white kitchen table and green cushioned wooden chairs

Bright narrow kitchen ideas with white furniture and white tiles wall also floor

Accent wall for narrow kitchen ideas with brick wall also cool wood cabinets and white top

Laminate wooden floor for narrow kitchen ideas with black countertops and white cabinets

Black kitchen cabinet countertop for narrow kitchen ideas with wooden floor and great brass pendant light

There are indeed so many styles but make sure to pick one that will suit well for you. Also, if a design spoke to you, think of ways to incorporate it into your kitchen. If a specific furnishing made an impact, make a plan to purchase the piece.