Inspiring Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

The Mediterranean interior is designed to give leisure for all family members. In Mediterranean countries, meetings are often accompanied by a meal or dine, so it is best to combine the living room with dining area. So table can become main attraction in this space. There are also furniture design and accessories in the Greek style and the Italian style that will levitate the overall of your interior.

Mediterranean living room and dining room design

The Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

If you decide to incorporate modern Mediterranean interior design or strictly use the Mediterranean style in your home. First of all, with a little time and patience, your home can become a colorful and restful European hideaway.

Mediterranean living room in white color idea

This white living room with round upholstered that can act as table or a seat when its needed. The rug on wooden flooring are looks magnificent.

Mediterranean living room furniture idea

Therefore, Mediterranean style will blend with the modern design style, and the trend called Mod-Mediterranean. It is a combination of two distinct styles, Mediterranean and Modern, to create a clean, fresh look but keep some traditional elements and unlike the eclectic-styles.

Awesome dining space and living area

As said before, that living room and dining room is better in one space. You can see the example from the images above. The modern dining room and living area are looks awesome in white color scheme.

Seats for Mediterranean living room idea

One of the important attribute of living room for Mediterranean is a large number of seats in that room. So you can use a few sofas, armchairs and side chairs.

Color choice for living room with Mediterranean style

Hence, this style from countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy. And for the furniture design ranges from simply functional to extremely formal. Pieces are short, with ornately turned legs and feet; hardware is heavy and often burnished. With predominantly wall texture.

Mediterranean living room with side chairs

Mediterranean style refers, roughly, to the design style of the south of Greece, Italy, and Spain. This region is famous for its turquoise waters, sparkling sunlit days and vibrant produce and flowers. Because of that each country uses specific colors, fabrics, textures and materials influenced by their culture. But all typically stay true to incorporating the outdoors, rustic furniture, hardwood or stone tile floors, and wall textures.
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Mediterranean living room interior design with blue colorNatural element for living room interior design idea
Decorating living room interior with Mediterranean styleMediterranean interior with brick wall accent
We hope ideas above can be a reference and useful to design your dream home. Thanks!