Eye-Catching Geometric Wall Decoration Ideas

Geometric decor is a modern trend that incorporates sharp shapes and clean lines into pillows, vases, walls or even a furniture. This decorating style is clean enough to include in an all-white wall, but fun enough to play with colors in a cheery living area.

To help you to get inspiration from this trend, we have few of our favorite geometric wall decoration for your interior. We hope that these ideas could help you put together beautiful geometric decor for your home. So, let's check them out below and learn how to decorating your wall with geometric patterns and integrate a modern twist to any room!

Geometric Decoration Ideas for Wall

Wall decoration don't have to be complicated, simple, designs like with geometric shaped will do the trick. If you are looking for an idea to decorate your wall, this beautiful collection of wall decoration ideas with geometric shape may inspire you. Here are the ideas for geometric decoration ideas for wall.

Geometric decor is versatile enough to use in many different decor themes. You can hang geometric pieces to accent your living room or include large geometric installments in different parts of your home.

With geometric patterns you will able to create a modern style room. You can also apply geometric design as wall panel. Furthermore, you can use mirrors, wall lights, paint, or wall decals to create geometric shapes decoration on the wall.

Geometric wall decoration can be any different shapes such as triangle, rectangle, square, hexagon, and many more with unique angle. You can be creative with combining 2 or 3 different shapes or using multi-colored hexagon shape.

By using imagination, you can create more intriguing looks. Pick color schemes and texture that match with the design and your room themes. For the example, you can choose neutral or two soft colors on the white wall, since white can go well with any color geometric wall decor.

Also, you can match it with the colors of your furniture. Therefore, a clean look and simple furniture pieces of the modern and minimalist styles will be your perfect options.
This images collection above will show you how eye-catching geometric wall decoration is. Also, you can play with the wall's colors of the room by using multi-colored geometric decoration. Moreover, you can use contrasting colors and it will be more eye-catching.

Transforming Attic Room into Cool Bedroom

The attic is one of the most neglected rooms and mostly use it for warehouse.  Actually, it is an ideal space to transform it into a functional room, such as bedroom. Because, there's always that originality in having an attic bedroom, as it is innovation in every house.

You can use the attic to arrange a guest bedroom, master bedroom or teen bedroom and you will have more free space on the lower floor. So you can use that space for other purposes such as a living space, dining area, playroom, etc.

Attic Bedroom Ideas

An attic bedroom will give you a whole new room to work with. There are some ideas that apply to bedroom that you can put into your attic space. These inspiring ideas will help you decide if you can even pursue turning your attic into living space.

Make the space more inviting and spacious with bright and light paint. To add unique features, you can decorate with artworks or other accessories.

Attic bedroom ideas with colorful rug and intriguing decoration

Because the attic is separated from the other space, you can decorate attic bedroom with different style. You can transform attic bedrooms to Shabby chic, rustic, loft, minimalism, Scandinavian, and other styles that fit with your prefer.

Amazing bedroom design in attic

The attic mostly don't have plenty of space. If you try to placing the bed in the center, it will automatically create the room seem even smaller. Also, avoid to use large and bulky pieces of furniture, especially if the room is not very large.

The attic space has its own attractiveness and uniqueness. Windows are most attractive feature of attics, especially when there are skylights installed.

Attic bedroom with black and white color idea

The artwork can be important to create an impressive design for bedroom. It can be in a form of fabric patterns, wallpaper, and of course artwork too. The other way to make an impressive bedroom design, you can also use ceiling beam. Ceiling beams have a lot of charm and easily blend in many interior styles, so you can left it exposed to.

attic bedroom ideas with amazing room design

Attic bedrooms have some disadvantages, that would probably be insulation and moisture. Because the attic is very close to the ceiling, making it the most vulnerable to ceiling leaks. Moreover, the comfort will be a challenge with the temperature during the hottest and coldest months. Make sure you get the right materials for thermal protection, waterproofing and coating, so it won't become any problems.
White attic bedroom ideaContemporary design for attic bedroom idea
Attic bedroom color and simple decorating ideaNifty design for attic bedroom
Cozy attic bedroom ideaExample of attic bedroom design
Decorating small attic bedroomFloral wallpaper as bedroom backsplash
Nicely decorated attic bedroomTwo-tone wall color idea for attic bedroom
Also, one of the important element of a bedroom the color choice. Many inviting color shades that are perfect for attic bedroom. The bedroom color can be based on the style you are about to have in the bedroom.

You can decide of that could be effective for your attic bedroom from ideas above. The most important thing is to maintain the comfort of space to creating relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Inspiring Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

The Mediterranean interior is designed to give leisure for all family members. In Mediterranean countries, meetings are often accompanied by a meal or dine, so it is best to combine the living room with dining area. So table can become main attraction in this space. There are also furniture design and accessories in the Greek style and the Italian style that will levitate the overall of your interior.

Mediterranean living room and dining room design

The Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

If you decide to incorporate modern Mediterranean interior design or strictly use the Mediterranean style in your home. First of all, with a little time and patience, your home can become a colorful and restful European hideaway.

Mediterranean living room in white color idea

This white living room with round upholstered that can act as table or a seat when its needed. The rug on wooden flooring are looks magnificent.

Mediterranean living room furniture idea

Therefore, Mediterranean style will blend with the modern design style, and the trend called Mod-Mediterranean. It is a combination of two distinct styles, Mediterranean and Modern, to create a clean, fresh look but keep some traditional elements and unlike the eclectic-styles.

Awesome dining space and living area

As said before, that living room and dining room is better in one space. You can see the example from the images above. The modern dining room and living area are looks awesome in white color scheme.

Seats for Mediterranean living room idea

One of the important attribute of living room for Mediterranean is a large number of seats in that room. So you can use a few sofas, armchairs and side chairs.

Color choice for living room with Mediterranean style

Hence, this style from countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy. And for the furniture design ranges from simply functional to extremely formal. Pieces are short, with ornately turned legs and feet; hardware is heavy and often burnished. With predominantly wall texture.

Mediterranean living room with side chairs

Mediterranean style refers, roughly, to the design style of the south of Greece, Italy, and Spain. This region is famous for its turquoise waters, sparkling sunlit days and vibrant produce and flowers. Because of that each country uses specific colors, fabrics, textures and materials influenced by their culture. But all typically stay true to incorporating the outdoors, rustic furniture, hardwood or stone tile floors, and wall textures.
How to decorate Mediterranean living roomSmall living room in Mediterranean design style
Nifty design and decor idea for living roomLiving room decor and design example
Mediterranean living room interior design with blue colorNatural element for living room interior design idea
Decorating living room interior with Mediterranean styleMediterranean interior with brick wall accent
We hope ideas above can be a reference and useful to design your dream home. Thanks!

Cottage Bathroom Ideas for Small Space Bathroom Setup

We have some brilliant cottage small bathroom ideas. Modern cottage design can make your small bathroom beautiful. The bathroom idea is adds more to that comfort where you freshen up as you shower, wash up or use the toilet from time to time. Bathroom usually contain a bathtub or a shower, but sometimes with either of the two, a sink and becomes a toilet all in one too. In designing or planning for a bathroom design, there are many variety of options. There are numerous bathroom designs, a number of which are shown below.

Cottage Small Bathroom Ideas

Try to incorporating a lavish touches to the wall decor, it will add to the stylish relaxing feel of your space. While drastically increasing the value of your home because of the awesomeness of the cottage bathroom even it's small space.

Cottage small bathroom with green walls and blue cabinet

There are a lot of beautiful decorative elements that you can choose such as curtains, valances, and shutters or shades that are functional. Also, it can serves as a crowning touch to deliver a finished and polished look. This will make your bathroom more alive, and with a lovely aspect.

White and blue cottage bathroom decor

You can keep toilet tissue, towels, medications, and other toiletries items, so they are contained and hidden from view and make the bathroom looks nice.

Wooden cottage small bathroom idea

Other good ideas is add the contrast between the dark patterned floor tiles and white vanity against the neutral beige of the granite vanity surface. So it will be the main decor element in the small cottage bathroom.
Many things inside the bathroom that you must consider such as sinks, faucet, tiles and textures, your decorations will just be effective if it is well-blended with it. These cottage small bathroom ideas will not only make your bathroom cozy and comfortable but will also elevate your mood. We hope you can get inspired.