Barn Door Ideas for Stylish Home Interior Decoration

Adding a barn door to your home is a great way to save some space in rooms and add a nice amount of character to your home. You will find many different kinds of barn door styles and might even find the right one that fits the style of your home. 

Double-side sliding barn door for farmhouse interior design

There's so many unique sliding barn door designs. Some of them are a DIY and some require a little bit more than just hanging a door on a track. These barn door pictures below will be sure to inspire you!

Barn Door Ideas for Your Home Interior

Barn doors can add depth and appeal to your home interior. If you want spice things up your interior design and decoration, barn door is not an expensive project to tackle. There are several designs that might need you to spend extra budget, but you can also play be creative and make your own barn door for your home. You can paint the with the color that fit with your space and complement the existing decor of your home.

DIY barn door for small or tight space
How to DIY a double sliding door for under $150!

Barn doors aren't just for the farmhouse style anymore. They're one of the most sought-after features for homes of all styles. Whether you want an attention-grabbing entry , a space-saving solution, or an attractive way to divide rooms.

Modern home interior with barn door that connect bedroom and bathroom

If you have a pantry than you know how boring that space can be. The pantry is usually white with simple doors that get the job done. However, give this space an update by changing your doors to sliding barn doors. They are functional and will give the space a charming little twist. Also, you can save some space.
 Pink barn door with diagonal double slated design Blue slated barn door idea
 Sliding barn door with white track rail Farmhouse interior with barn door
 Stylish pink sliding barn door for modern interior idea Sliding barn door made from polished mahogany wood
Barn doors are no longer only for the barn or outdoor space. Also, no longer a farmhouse luxury they are now becoming a part of everyday décor. They have become a chic addition to interior home décor.