Attractive Velvet Sofa for Your Seating Area

Velvet is a kind of fabric that would make everything seem sumptuous and have that regal look because of its softness. Merely looking at it will make you feel how soft it is. This fabric had been around for a very long time and had been commonly seen in royalties both in their clothing and their homes. We have collated some living rooms with velvet sofas. Perhaps, you will feel how special the spaces are after seeing the ideas below.

Living Room Velvet Sofa Ideas

Most of the rooms pair the sofas with light colors, even though some of them may choosing to match the sofa with a blue painted wall. Others are resting against a gallery wall of art. While others living room feature just one central piece of artwork. Adding pillows range from single color to multi-color. To make it perfect, check out these velvet sofa ideas below, find what design and colors that you like.

Velvet sofa with blue cerulean color for living room

A wonderful living room with cerulean velvet sofa in blue against dark gray wall and light gray flooring.

Living room velvet sofa with green pear color

Furniture in a living room really makes a difference. Since the use of contrast of colors in the choice of furniture is a good idea too.

Grey velvet sofa with white throw pillows

Minimalist design living rooms also becomes a cool choice for those who are into it. Also, modernity doesn’t have to always look colorful.

Peach pink velvet sofa idea

Why don’t you let your sofa standout by getting one with a unique color from the rest of the items at home.

Grey living room design that works well with purple velvet sofa

Adding a velvet sofa will indeed make your living room appear special no matter how simple it is. Not only that, velvet sofa is just comfortable.
 Velvet sofa in pink color idea Emerald greed velvet sofa idea
 Blue velvet sofa from IKEA Arctic blue tufted velvet sofa with pink pillows
 Aubergine velvet sofa in grey living room Living room furniture idea with yellow velvet sofa
The wall paint color, the furniture choice including its color and of course, consider the space and the part of the house where the room is about to be set. We are hoping that ideas above will able to give you an inspiration.