Eye-Catching Geometric Wall Decoration Ideas

Geometric decor is a modern trend that incorporates sharp shapes and clean lines into pillows, vases, walls or even a furniture. This decorating style is clean enough to include in an all-white wall, but fun enough to play with colors in a cheery living area.

To help you to get inspiration from this trend, we have few of our favorite geometric wall decoration for your interior. We hope that these ideas could help you put together beautiful geometric decor for your home. So, let's check them out below and learn how to decorating your wall with geometric patterns and integrate a modern twist to any room!

Geometric Decoration Ideas for Wall

Wall decoration don't have to be complicated, simple, designs like with geometric shaped will do the trick. If you are looking for an idea to decorate your wall, this beautiful collection of wall decoration ideas with geometric shape may inspire you. Here are the ideas for geometric decoration ideas for wall.

Geometric decor is versatile enough to use in many different decor themes. You can hang geometric pieces to accent your living room or include large geometric installments in different parts of your home.

With geometric patterns you will able to create a modern style room. You can also apply geometric design as wall panel. Furthermore, you can use mirrors, wall lights, paint, or wall decals to create geometric shapes decoration on the wall.

Geometric wall decoration can be any different shapes such as triangle, rectangle, square, hexagon, and many more with unique angle. You can be creative with combining 2 or 3 different shapes or using multi-colored hexagon shape.

By using imagination, you can create more intriguing looks. Pick color schemes and texture that match with the design and your room themes. For the example, you can choose neutral or two soft colors on the white wall, since white can go well with any color geometric wall decor.

Also, you can match it with the colors of your furniture. Therefore, a clean look and simple furniture pieces of the modern and minimalist styles will be your perfect options.
This images collection above will show you how eye-catching geometric wall decoration is. Also, you can play with the wall's colors of the room by using multi-colored geometric decoration. Moreover, you can use contrasting colors and it will be more eye-catching.