Choosing the Right Wall Colors for Bedroom


The bedroom is the private room in your house. It's the space where people usually spend most their time for resting or just simply relaxing. Bedroom color can affecting and provide positive moods for you. So you will need to create a relaxing and calming bedroom, and it can come from walls color.

If you are looking for splash of colors for your bedroom, here in Interior Aura will showcase some inspiring bedroom wall color ideas. You might get bored with white color for your bedroom wall, so take a look stunning bedroom wall color below and give your private space with the perfect look.

Wall Color Ideas for Bedroom

Bristol Beige Bedroom Wall Color

Consider your size and style of the room and the existing furniture before choosing a color to paint the walls in your bedroom. Since the colors that you choose can play an important role in human psychology. Color can influence in many different ways to several people. Make sure that the color you pick has and can create a positive effect on your mood.

Cornflower blue wall color for bedroom

The color of the sea and the sky, is perfect for the walls. It has a relaxing look and reassuring color. Also, easy to combine with other colors, such as white, brown, gray or wood colors.

Bedroom with orange wall color

People that get bored with white color, maybe thinking about bright colors for bedroom or darker colors such as orange, green, black, purple, yellow, red or blue. If you want to have darker color for your bedroom wall use darker colors in combination with white for a bedroom. So you will avoid the negative mood affect from the darker colors.

Black wall bedroom

Balancing the black color on the walls of the bedroom is kind of difficult. Because improper color to paint the walls in your bedroom can affect your emotional and mood negatively. Therefore, you will most likely feel very uncomfortable while trying to sleep or spending time in your room.

Blue color wall idea for bedroom decoration

Blue can work together with white, deep black, or gray. It is more lively, and chromotherapy it also has great relaxing properties. While the darker blue palettes are able to create cozy environments.

Mint green bedroom wall color

If you are looking for more comfort and tranquil bedroom, green or blue can be great colors for your bedroom walls. For the common wall colors are neutrals, brown, green or blue.

Bedroom wall color idea with Carribean green

Green is increasingly used to furnish even the bedroom. Since its lightest shades create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, while in its brightest shades it gives the environment a fresh, energetic and harmonious look.

Gray color bedroom wall color

And another great option with trendy and nice choice is a gray color for your bedroom walls. But make sure that you pick the bedroom furniture that could blend well with the gray color.

We hope that you can get inspired to choose the right color for the walls in your bedroom. But, if you still have any doubts on how to choose the right color for your bedroom walls, it's better to ask for the help of an interior designer.