Decorating Living Room with Rugs

The living room is where families go to relax after a long day. In many homes, this room is also where the television, computer and other entertainment come together. Rugs have role in modern design since it’s all about the floor finishes. Few decor elements are as fundamental and transformative. The possibilities are endless and each of them gives a plus of comfort and a welcoming accent to your home, be it classic or modern. Here are some rugs ideas for your living room.

Choosing Rugs for for Living Room Decorating Ideas

There are many decorating style trends to choose from to make your living room space match the design of any home. Whether you are looking for more plans for a modern, classic, or both, we can give you the best ideas to help you get some ideas to beautify your living room.

Magnificent living room rugs ideas colorful shag rug design

Match with the living room theme

Rugs are the best decoration for living room, you get both a beautiful looks while also can give you a comfort. You can choose colors and textures with the colors of living room or furniture. So with right color and texture rug can give more astounding looks to your space. Also, to give more modern impression you can use simple geometric details or texture. Moreover, clean look and simple texture and color can be your perfect options to give it more minimalist decoration for living room.

Living room rugs ideas with black blue and white color and stripe pattern boho style

Don't let the presence of the rug distract the existing decorations. You can choose a calm or plain colored rug if some of the furniture is already colored, so that the room is more neutral. The choice of rug colors and patterns that are in harmony with the theme of the room will make the room comfortable to look at.

A living room area rug can defines the space, especially in an open-concept home and it brings your whole entire look together. Because of that you want to make sure that you choose the right rug for your space and for your decor. That can be overwhelming for some people, whether you're talking about the size of the rug that you need, the color the pattern, or the texture. All of those things can be overwhelming and you may not be sure where to start.

Flat woven patterned rug for living room

Balancing the rug size with the room

Size, make sure your rugs is the right scale for your room. When you’re choosing living room rugs, make sure it fits your seating area. Designers suggest a rugs that is large enough to cover a conversation area, with the front legs of your sofa and chairs on the rugs to anchor the space.

Living room rugs ideas with Savanna Morrocan diamond shag blue rug

Don't let the rugs make a narrow room look more crowded. For a suggestion, the rugs should not cover more than half of the floor area of the living room. Also, don't be too small so that it won't looks as an element of the room. Rugs that is too small will make the room look unbalanced.

Flat woven rugs under coffee table

There are several standard sizes, so make sure you measure the area. Then you can go just a little bit up from that to make sure that you have enough rug for your space. Because an important tip is that it is better to go too big rather than too small. With that you want to make sure that if the rug is extending past your furniture towards walls you want to. Leave about 10 to 12 inches between the end of your rug and your wall.

Calisa block printed rug

Choosing the color and pattern

Texture, color, pattern, and shape, the designs are so versatile, you can mix one that you love with any decor style. As long as the color is right. All rugs styles are almost neutral, color is more important than pattern.

Black patterned living room rugs ideas

Colors and patterns for rug is going to ground your space and bring it all together. If your furniture has a lot of patterns on it it's better to go for a more neutral rug that is solid and plain conversely. If your furniture is more simple and plain it's better to go with a rug with a pattern.

Moroccan Trellis blue rugs for living room

When you are choosing the color for your rug, you want to match it to a secondary color in your decor. You don't want it to be the same main color that you have all throughout your room and your furniture. So you can bring out another color that way it complements it and it completes the look of your living room.

Contemporary living room Satara silk blue rugs

The play of rugs patterns and colors can also help the room look more spacious. If you prefer lighter impression, soft colors such as white, cream, and light colors can be the right selection. 

Blue and white pattern rugs and two-tone colors sofa

The combination of several rugs colors is fine, but adjust the color of the rugs to the color of your favorite furniture. 

Black and white herringbone patterned rugs from Rakuten

Picking the right material for rugs

Before you buy a rugs, you should pay attention to the rugs material first. Pay attention to the height, density, and also the thickness of the rugs. For the living room itself, rugs made from cloth with good quality is a good choice since it's easier to clean. But, if you wish for an elegant impression, you can choose a rugs made of wool or cotton.

Home depot Safavieh Natura beige rugs

The material that you pick is going to depend on the traffic in your room and the use that is going to get. Wool this is a very common material used to make rugs. It's soft and cozy and it's pretty. 

Living room green rug idea with round shape

The smooth texture of wool rugs can make you feel comfortable when sitting on it. This rugs has a high resistance to water and stains.

Comfortable white rugs for living room

Stain and water resistant it's good for high-traffic areas but it does shed and the shedding will get better over time and with vacuuming. 

Plush Morrocan trellis white shag rug

The next type of material is cotton this one is affordable and easy to clean. While flat weave isn't very fluffy and it doesn't wear well.

Cotton rugs for living room with gray color

The cotton material is very soft so it can provide comfort to your feet. It is very rare for people to experience allergies to this material because it is made from natural ingredients.

Beige woven living room rugs

A traditional woven rugs are the most durable and have an attractive appearance. This type of rugs is can help organize a small living room to distract your eyes from the actual area of the room.

We hope that now you have the ideas of the decoration for living room, so that a simple touch decoration can give you dramatic impression in the living room.