Soothing Neutral Color Living Room Ideas

The living room is a reflection of the owner of the house because it is a haven for family and relatives. Therefore, the decoration of the living room must provide comfort and beauty.

One of the supporting beauty in the living room is the selection of the right color. In these case, neutral colors for living room. The neutral colors would be a nice one for the living room. It gives the soothing to your atmosphere. It surely suits the quite area of your house. If you want to get some relaxation in the living room, the neutral colors would be a nice choice to have. It will be an awesome living room with relaxing color schemes.

Living Room with Neutral Color Ideas

If you are looking for living room ideas, we have pictures for both living room design and decoration in neutral color ideas. From the wall color, furniture, and decoration that would help you to keeping clutter away and looks neat. If you really need an idea with functional features, the simple design with neutral color can be a suitable choice. These living room design ideas will prove the space and style totally can look amazing.

Neutral Living Room Ideas

The neutral colors can create a neutral feel is equivalent to making your home look minimalist as a neutral means without color.

Neutral colors are white, black, brown, cream, gray, and pretty much any muted earthy tone and can go with anything. That’s what makes them neutrals. The colors are adjustable in decorating over the years may as personal preferences change. Also, neutral color tend to be colors that provide an excellent background to any other color, providing a solid foundation for decorating no matter what your style.

White living room design

Neutral colors in interior decor can be used in two different ways, either soft neutrals with beige tones and shades of white or dark neutrals with whites, grays and blacks. However, if you want a neutral color, you can choose a white, gray, brown, beige color card and layer it with a different color for a chic and elegant look.

Muted Blue

With gray tones, muted blues work well with a wide variety of neutrals and accents. Above all, neutrals are calming and blue is always associated with calm. Blue is said to convey a sense of dependence, sincerity among other emotions.

Muted blue living room design and decor

Plus, this muted blue neutral is a popular favorite. You can match it with dark furniture or complement the walls with a fireplace and floor lamp to create a warm atmosphere.


Navy blue may not be in your neutral-colored toolbox yet. Navy is as classic as a little black dress but with a less somber personality. This is the perfect neutral color for furniture because it anchors a room and still leaves plenty of room to add almost any color as an accent.

Navy blue living room decor and design

Navy is also a great addition to a room that might almost sink into boring territory because it's too safe. A chic velvet sofa is a perfect example of a neutral navy color that you can easily build in any room.

Sage Green

Another hue that may not immediately come to mind when considering neutrals is sage green. You may be surprised to learn that you can incorporate this soft color into almost any space, from subdued to more vibrant. Sage green is available in a variety of tones to complement any decor scheme and is trending for its serene ambiance.

Sage green living room decor and design

This is the best feature of neutral colors, because you will never tired of them. If you need some vibrant hues in your life, then you simply add a few inexpensive pillows in a bold color for sofa, floor vase, or buy a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers.

Light Mauve

This soft shade is actually a pale purple that has pink or blue undertones but the current trend is towards classification as a gray color. Mauve actually comes from a common plant that produces flowers with light purple petals called malva in Latin. It blooms in lavender in French, also known in English as the mallow plant.

Light mauve for living room design from BHG

Earthy Red

Red as a neutral color is not a red lipstick or Christmas red. In contrast, these earthy reds often have brown undertones. Although this color is often classified as an earthy color, it is also considered a neutral because it will blend with most other colors.

Earthy red color for living room design

From this, it seems clear that the use of wall paint colors in the interior of the house plays an important role in strengthening and changing the impression of the appearance of the room.

Lilac (Purple)

With its gray undertones, lilac is the perfect neutral color choice to pair with black, dark gray, or navy blue. On its own, lilac may feel a bit lacy or feminine, but combined with a bolder color, it shows its blendable nature.

Lilac purple color living room design

Depending on the light in your room, lilac shades can actually look gray, taupe, or mauve. In general, lilacs can add a softer edge to darker spaces and, used in lighter palettes, add dimension without being feminine.


This color is a staple when it comes to neutrals for decor. Not as thick as black, charcoal provides a lighter accent impact. Glossy or matte, charcoal can also exhibit other tones, such as brown or green, so try different colors to find the one that works best for a living room.

Charcoal gray living room design and decor

Pale Yellow

Yellow is another popular new neutral color that's ideal to add to your nursery, children's bedroom, or living room. Pale yellow tones are often so light they are close to beige or white, but they make it easy to use in almost any space. in your house.

Pale yellow living room design and decor

What I love about using yellow is that it can be layered to create a room that reminds you of the sun every time you enter it.

You can also choose the kind of material you want. From the list above, you can see the variety of living room with neutral colors.

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