Universal Design Bathroom Ideas for Your Homes


The universal design bathroom adds more to comfort and accessible where you freshen up as you shower, wash up or use the toilet from time to time. Universal design makes bathrooms work for everyone, regardless of age, size and ability, ensuring that your shower will serve you well for years to come. 

The bathroom would usually contain a bathtub and a shower sometimes with either of the two, a sink and becomes a toilet all in one too. In planning for a bathroom design, there are just a variety of options you may choose from. There are various bathroom ideas, a number of which are shown below.

Universal Bathroom Design Ideas

Universal bathroom design is both human-centered and inclusive. So you should know about who you are designing for, for yourself or a loved one. This design is opposite with the commercial design that aimed to find solutions of a variety of abilities and conditions. Therefore, universal bathroom design in the home can be more focused on its residents.

Traditional Universal Design Bathroom from Bowa

Designing universal bathroom for residential homes is different from designing commercially. Because you must consider the people living in a home and what needs the homes design must meet

Bowa Vintage Universal Design Bathroom Ideas

If you are using a vanity, consider to mount the sink bowl close to the edge. So it's easier use and select cabinetry with a cabinet with a toe kick to help users maintain their balance when using the sink.

Well Designed Universal Bathroom Ideas

There are a lot of decorative elements you can choose ranging from curtains, valances, shades and shutters. They are functional and can serve as a crowning touch to deliver a finished and polished look. Also, place grab bars in the tub, shower, and near the toilet.

Universal Bathroom Design Example with Beige Color

Install good lighting to provide perfect illumination for vision when using the shower, tub, sink and toilet. You can also add night light in bathroom for safety. It is great to have walk-in tub or walk-in shower with bracing or grab bars.

Astonishing Universal Bathroom Design Ideas

Consider installing a pedestal sink or wall mount sink to add more attractiveness. Also, the sink is accessible to those in your home who may use a walker, wheelchair or crutches. Take a look from the ideas and examples below.
 Nifty Universal Bathroom Design Inspiration Residential Universal Design Bathroom Idea
 Vintage Universal Design Bathroom Ideas by One Week Bath Modern Universal Design Bathroom Blue Tint from One Week Bath
 Traditional Universal Design Bathroom from Bowa Traditional Universal Design for Bathroom from Bowa
 Modern Narrow Universal Bathroom Design Universal Design Bathroom Cream Color
 Natural Universal Bathroom Design Awesome Accessible Universal Design Bathroom
 Traditional Universal Design Bathroom Double Vanity by One Week Bath Traditional Universal Design Bathroom by One Week Bath
Many things inside the universal bathroom that you must consider such as sinks, faucet, tiles and textures, your decoration will just be effective and functional if it is well-blended with it. We hope you can get inspired.