Cottage Bathroom Ideas for Small Space Bathroom Setup


We have some brilliant cottage small bathroom ideas. Modern cottage design can make your small bathroom beautiful. The bathroom idea is adding more to that comfort where you freshen up as you shower, wash up or use the toilet from time to time.

Bathroom usually contains a bathtub or a shower, but sometimes with either of the two, a sink and becomes a toilet all in one too. In designing or planning for a bathroom design, there are many varieties of options. There are numerous bathroom designs, a number of which are shown below.

Cottage Small Bathroom Ideas

Try to incorporate a lavish touch to the wall decor, it will add to the stylish relaxing feel of your space. While drastically increasing the value of your home because of the awesomeness of the cottage bathroom even its small space.

Small bathroom idea for cottage with green walls

Choosing tone of the wood

Humidity can be the main concern of homeowners with natural wood in their cottage bathroom. You don't have to make it entirely of wood. Just few wooden elements of it have been more than enough to keep a natural and warm look in the room.

Wooden cottage small bathroom

A rustic look in the bathroom of a cottage can be achieved by installing a wooden floor, wooden vanities and wooden wall panels. But, ensure that the wood is properly sealed and treated to avoid moisture. 

Bathroom floor tiles for cottage

If you prefer tiled bathroom, you can add some natural touch with wooden furniture such as a cabinet. Make sure to have it matched colors and tones present in the rest of the cottage.

Colors and decorative elements for cottage bathroom

There are a lot of beautiful decorative elements that you can choose such as curtains, valances, and shutters or shades that are functional. Also, it can serve as a crowning touch to deliver a finished and polished look. This will make your bathroom more alive, and with a lovely aspect.

White and blue cottage bathroom decor

You can keep toilet tissue, towels, medications, and other toiletry items, so they are contained and hidden from view and make the bathroom look nice.

Cottage bathroom with clawfoot tub

Natural light is essential to affirm the atmosphere of the bathroom of a cottage. Bright bathroom using colors and natural tones such as those that can be seen outside also a great idea.

White cottage bathroom design

The shade of the wood retains the warmth of the room. Balance the warm tone with natural greens or lighter blue and other cool colors.

Small cottage bathroom design

Other good ideas are adding the contrast between the dark patterned floor tiles and white vanity against the neutral beige of the granite vanity surface. So it will be the main decorative element in the small cottage bathroom.

Green bathroom color idea

Many things inside the bathroom that you must consider such as sinks, faucet, tiles and textures, your decorations will just be effective if it is well-blended with it. These cottage small bathroom ideas will not only make your bathroom cozy and comfortable, but will also elevate your mood. We hope you can get inspired.