Design Tips for Bathroom to Make Better Bathroom Space


In much the same way that the kitchen has become more than just a room to prepare meals and more of a place that accommodates the gathering of the whole family, the master bath has become more than just a bathroom in recent years. 

Bathroom Design Tips

How do you make this room a pleasant place to start the day without breaking the bank? We found suggestions that can help you to plan that perfect bath. Read on to learn bathroom design tips. So, the whole family can enjoy waking up to!

The necessary equipment for bathroom

First of all, make a list of everything you absolutely need in your bathroom, the obvious are the toilet, a sink if its going to be a full bathroom are you going to want a shower & bath combo or a standing shower?

bathroom design color tips

Next comes any items you would like to include. Most people want a cabinet under the sink, for extra storage of miscellaneous items that will be used in the bathroom, toilet paper, shampoo, mouth wash, etc.

Bathroom design with blue tiles

Figure out if you will be adding a mirror over the sink that either does or does not have a medicine chest. Lighting is very important natural or via a light bulb, make sure you have plenty of lighting coming into the room. You may add a fan, since it is ideal as it can be helpful for keeping moisture out which helps to prevent mold.

Bathroom wall color idea

If you are feeling uncomfortable and unsure if you are doing this correctly, you might want to consider seeking the professional help of an interior designer. Now if you feel you are up for the challenge, read on.

Example of good bathroom design

Bathroom space

Space is important, so measure your bathroom well, that means more than once just so you can be sure of exactly how much room you have to work with. Measure your bathroom well, this means at least two times. Choose items that you think you’d like in your bathroom and get the measurements.

Curtain for small bathroom

Create a layout to scale or as best as you can, you can also cut out papers to the size of the item and place it where you would want that item to go, this will be a good way to see if things fit in the bathroom. Don’t forget to leave space between things!

Shower room for black and white bathroom

Now if everything looks like it's going to flow and work in the given space you have, there are a few more things to consider. So, you might be limited by your plumbing or electrical wiring. Hence, window placement makes a difference too, unless you have no problem showering in front of a window and giving the neighbors a show.

Window choice idea for bathroom

Bathroom design

If nothing seems to fit on your first go, play with the design change the layout a bit and see if you can come up with a way to be more efficient with the space you have while still enjoying your design. Therefore, if your concern is storage space, adding some shelves to your wall will certainly help with that

Tips for small bathroom design

You’ve tried everything and have flipped your design upside down and inside out and you still can't find any room. You’ll have to decide on what things what you can do without. For example, using a pedestal style sink or a wall mount sink. It can take up less space than a full size cabinet and is ideal for a small bathroom.

Minimalist bathroom design with cream color

At this point, for sure you already have quite an idea of what type of bathroom you want to have. Which among the Bathroom Designs caught your attention?