Decorating and Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartment

When it comes to decorating small apartment, it is better to choose items that you really need and fit with your own personal tastes. Below are decorating ideas of small apartment that hopefully can help you to visualize when decorating your space. Also adding personal touches at the same time. It may can be difficult to decorate a small space, but there are definitely ways you achieve it.

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

One thing to consider before starting decorate your space is to take the time to declutter. Because you’ll need all the space in your apartment. Make sure to examine each piece of apartment furniture and all of your decor so you can determine which items you really need to keep or to get rid of. So you have more flexibility when you decorate your space.

Apartment living room with green sofa and green rugs

Maximize the apartment spaces

Evaluate how do you want to use for each space in your apartment. You can focus on the rooms that you spend more time on. Also prioritize d├ęcor and furniture for those areas first.

Soothing lighting for small apartment with comfy sofa and rugs

Take measurements of furniture, whether it is already existing or new, so you can calculate the space available to accommodate it. Because the scale of the furniture is an essential element to determine your space and arrange the room in the way that suits you.

Room partition for small apartment organizing idea

If you're limited by space in your apartment, but you must make the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room coexist in a practical and aesthetic way, it can be complicated.

Nice apartment decoration with wooden furniture in dining area and mid century sofa in living room

You can separate each area without touching its configuration. So, the best way is to use curtains, plant partitions, floor coverings, carpets, a bookcase, or screens. These separators can allow different rooms coexist harmoniously while keeping their own function.

Small apartment with leather sofa, wooden coffee table, and rugs

The walls can be turned into a storage and decoration corner. Consider installing wall compositions for your decorative accessories, green plants, books, etc. You can also use hooks, or coat racks for more storage. Do not forget to dress your walls to your liking with various paints and coatings.

Furniture and colors choice for small apartment

When redecorating, it can be easy to splurge on eye-catching items, such bed linens or sofa. If possible, allocate money toward pieces that can serve dual purposes.

Decorating idea for small apartment with throw pillows on gray sofa and rugs

The arrangement of furniture, the choice of colors and lighting play a big role in a small room, so  you have to use them well. Because the main constraint is to delimit the living spaces while letting in natural light.

Small apartment living room with two armchairs and an ottoman

The light tones will give the impression of a larger and more airy space. Very often, it is not known that colors have a significant influence on the ergonomics of a room in a small apartment. You can decorate according to your tastes, and that's normal.

Wall colors idea for small apartment

If you want to have a cool color in a room, you can avoid the feeling of suffocation by applying the darker color only on the back wall and lighter colors to other walls.

furniture colors idea for small apartment decorating idea

If you plan to get some furniture, try to think about getting a more a lighter toned furniture as opposed to darker furniture. Because it can instantly brighten it up, bounces color and reflects it off of furniture pieces that are brighter from the actual daylight and then it kind of bounces off the wall and it gives you a whole little bright environment too.

Gray sofa with throw pillows and round small coffee table on rugs

Pick a sofa that preferably small size so as not to clutter the space of your living room area. With the small dimensions of apartment space, a sofa that is too large may make your living room appear even less space and interfere with traffic.

Wooden dining table, sofa, coffee table for small apartment furniture idea

Lighter colors for the walls in your small apartment design can be great too. Cool colors could ensure that your apartment feels bigger than it actually is. But if you love bold colors, you can still use it on colorful furniture pieces or the linen on your bed.

Mix-match dining chairs and wooden dining table for dining area

Multifunctional furniture is a good idea to save space. Chests and ottomans are a good choice and very trendy, also allow you to do a little storage. Furniture must be arranged in such a way as to leave a fairly wide circulation space.

Black sofa and gray rugs for small apartment

You can get bed risers which give you about eight inches of additional space under your bed. This is a great space for storing anything like suitcases, luggage, and keep in mind if you do store suitcases under your bed, you can also put more items in them.

Decoration idea with black and white colors

Vertical storage options are usually the ideal choice if you plan to get the most out of a small space you have. The storage systems are usually don't need too much space because it's tall and narrow, which will allow you to store away your items.