3 Piece Living Room Set Ideas

Living room is such an enjoyable room in the house. A place where you can do many activities with your family. One of the rooms that always need an improvements.

3 piece living room with teal sofa, white armchair, and a wooden coffee table

If you think your living room is small, doesn't mean you can't decorate it nicely. With a little creativity you can decorate your living room that will fit with the space and also looks cozy. Whether your living room is small or not, then read on quickly because in this article we give you ideas of 3 piece living room set that will fit for any living room!

3 Piece Furniture Set Ideas for Living Room

There are a lot of different design styles and colors to choose from to make your living room beautiful. If you are looking for living room furniture ideas, we can give you the ideas to help you get started on decorating a living room with 3 piece furniture set.

A pair of leather sofa and wooden coffee table

Three-piece living room set is easy and simple to plan. It's included sofas, sectional, coffee tables, recliners, or armchairs and it is consist of 3 piece furniture. It is good for a small house or a small apartment living room.

Green armchair, sofa, and wooden table

Furniture arrangement

The arrangement of the furniture is as important as the furniture itself. It can make the living room spacious, became a cramped place. An important aspect is does not overload your living room and keep only the furniture you choose.

White sofa, wooden coffee table, and cool yellow chair

If you already have an idea of what kind of 3 piece living room set, it is clear what their approximate size will be, you need to make some kind of measurement. So it is possible to understand how large the furniture should be and can be placed nicely.

Living room set with only 3 pink sofas

Properly arranging your furniture in the living room is a decisive step when you move into a house or apartment. The important thing is that in the end, the result corresponds to you totally. 

Living room set colors

To give a touch of color and a little energy, a bright colors either for sofas, armchairs, or coffee table is good. In addition to giving a lot of personality, you can mix the furniture colors or add patterned cushions, choose 2 to 3 colors that you can integrate.

Cushions for sofa, dark gray armchair, and round coffee table

Beige, gray and white colors for your living room will complement the darker aspect whether it's the wall or the furniture. Because the living room is now a more than central room, we aspire to a slightly more neutral d├ęcor. If you prefer a soothing atmosphere, choose neutral shades for your 3 piece living room set.

White wooden coffee table, comfy sofa, and armchair

This simple living room is suitable to provide joyful space with your beloved ones. You can put some attractive cushions or throw blankets. It is a good way to decorate the space to incorporate details and colors that deliver a feeling of comfort and hospitality.

Gray sofa, armchair, and white coffee table for living room

This will puts for large quantity modern touches to the pieces. Living room design that best showcase any design style furnishings go well with a sofa and armchairs.

An orage sofa, sage green armchair, and round coffee table on beige rugs

From the images above, you can see the different ways of combining 3 piece living room furniture set. Hence, you will able to get several ideas for your living room. Thanks!