Transforming Attic Room into Cool Bedroom


The attic is one of the most neglected rooms and mostly use it for warehouse.  Actually, it is an ideal space to transform it into a functional room, such as bedroom. Because, there's always that originality in having an attic bedroom, as it is innovation in every house.

You can use the attic to arrange a guest bedroom, master bedroom or teen bedroom and you will have more free space on the lower floor. So you can use that space for other purposes such as a living space, dining area, playroom, etc.

Attic Bedroom Ideas

An attic bedroom will give you a whole new room to work with. There are some ideas that apply to bedroom that you can put into your attic space. These inspiring ideas will help you decide if you can even pursue turning your attic into living space.

Make the space more inviting and spacious with bright and light paint. To add unique features, you can decorate with artworks or other accessories.

Attic bedroom ideas with colorful rug and intriguing decoration

Because the attic is separated from the other space, you can decorate attic bedroom with different style. You can transform attic bedrooms to Shabby chic, rustic, loft, minimalism, Scandinavian, and other styles that fit with your prefer.

Amazing bedroom design in attic

The attic mostly don't have plenty of space. If you try to placing the bed in the center, it will automatically create the room seem even smaller. Also, avoid to use large and bulky pieces of furniture, especially if the room is not very large.

The attic space has its own attractiveness and uniqueness. Windows are most attractive feature of attics, especially when there are skylights installed.

Attic bedroom with black and white color idea

The artwork can be important to create an impressive design for bedroom. It can be in a form of fabric patterns, wallpaper, and of course artwork too. The other way to make an impressive bedroom design, you can also use ceiling beam. Ceiling beams have a lot of charm and easily blend in many interior styles, so you can left it exposed to.

attic bedroom ideas with amazing room design

Attic bedrooms have some disadvantages, that would probably be insulation and moisture. Because the attic is very close to the ceiling, making it the most vulnerable to ceiling leaks. Moreover, the comfort will be a challenge with the temperature during the hottest and coldest months. Make sure you get the right materials for thermal protection, waterproofing and coating, so it won't become any problems.
White attic bedroom ideaContemporary design for attic bedroom idea
Attic bedroom color and simple decorating ideaNifty design for attic bedroom
Cozy attic bedroom ideaExample of attic bedroom design
Decorating small attic bedroomFloral wallpaper as bedroom backsplash
Nicely decorated attic bedroomTwo-tone wall color idea for attic bedroom
Also, one of the important element of a bedroom the color choice. Many inviting color shades that are perfect for attic bedroom. The bedroom color can be based on the style you are about to have in the bedroom.

You can decide of that could be effective for your attic bedroom from ideas above. The most important thing is to maintain the comfort of space to creating relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.